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Computer AMC Support


Computer AMC Support

Affordable and Lowest Annual Maintenance Contract Services (AMC) in DELHI/NCR.

Ridhi IT Solutions (P) Ltd. provides Computer AMC. There are however, certain things that you must know about these contracts before you actually get into one.

If you are concerned about repair and maintenance costs, we offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC) and we will be managing over a period of one year.We undertake maintenance for all computer network related products and also the complete IT infrastructure of organizations, small business companies based in Delhi/NCR. Our highly skilled Technicians install, maintain and repair Windows-based PCs, Macintosh Computers, Laptop / Notebook, modems, and network connections. Certified technicians can make on-site repairs in departmental offices / Individuals, or you can bring your equipment to the workshop.

We offer two types of Annual Maintenance Services (Computer AMC services):

Non – Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract: Non-comprehensive Computer AMC includes repair & services only with cost of defective to be borne by the customer.

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract: Comprehensive Computer AMC’s includes all parts (Here, you are not charged separately for the labour or for the parts replaced).

For the best rates of AMC, please contact us.

Highlights of our Services:
  • AMC services are available at very affordable price and we also arrange or provide standby machine or parts in case of major breakdowns.
  • We arrange repaired parts or computer parts at best price available in the industry.
  • We provide remote support for your software calls to save your precious time.


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